Parking Enforcement

Parking Control can be as little as posting signs to having a very strict program involving citing, fining, and/or towing. Some communities have very limited parking space and just need help controlling it, other properties have more than they can use and may just need some enforcement.

Another reason for Parking Control is to keep abandoned or inoperative vehicles off the property (vehicles with no tires, engine, or windows) which looks unsightly to the area and to prospective tenants.

We can set up a parking program for your community with or without a security package. This may help your residents have a designated place to park and it will also help our Officers determine which vehicles belong on the property and which ones don’t.

Priority One Security photographs and documents all vehicles cited and/or towed by our officers, our complete parking enforcement program will ensure a solid and well defined action and follow-through, all our field officers have real time access to our data base with the current and up to date information synced with our dispatch center via I Pad, I Phone and 2 way radios. If you have an existing program that you would like to update or you are considering to add this service to your property don't hesitate and give us a call today, we can help!

Examples of violation that can be enforced:

  1. No Parking Permit
  2. Expire Registration
  3. Expired / Invalid / Fake Permit
  4. No handicap Placards or Plates
  5. No guest permit / Guest parking Only
  6. Excessive parking in Resident Spaces
  7. Fire Lane / Red Zone / Blocking Fire Hydrant
  8. Guest parking in residents spaces
  9. Blocking Roadways / Garages​
  10. Residents parking in guest spaces
  11. 96 Hours to remove
  12. Parked in courtyards
  13. Residents using their garages for storage
  14. Parked on streets on scheduled street sweeping dates.

For more details on our Parking enforcement program and our data base system please contact us for a free consultation meeting at 714-778-0447