Construction Sites

Your construction site is unfortunately exposed to theft or vandalism without adequate security services. It’s a fact that the easy access to the building materials makes it a target for thieves thinking the risk of getting caught is minimal. Documentation of specific observations can make a difference between a safety hazard or a secure work environment for your team.

Vandalism and theft are two security risks that can cost residential, commercial, industrial and construction companies thousands of dollars each year, our customized security services address the safeguarding of industrial sites and equipment of your property at a reasonable cost, with your directive and our team of experts we will customize a security plan that best serves your property needs. STOP THE THEFT BEFORE IT STARTS! Security is crucial to deter crime at construction sites.

Some of our services include:

  1. Property Damage (graffiti, structural damage, safety hazard, water leaks etc.)
  2. Foot or Vehicle Patrol
  3. Log in / out visitors/ vendors / employees / vehicles
  4. All Construction Sites
  5. Armed Security Guards
  6. Unarmed Security Guard
  7. Traffic Control / Parking enforcement
  8. Entrance gate security guard
  9. General Condition of Property (non operational lights, perimeter fences, gates and doors etc.)​